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How it Began

Cherie's Journal, Jan 20, 2010
     It is icy this January, in this new decade. My name is Cherie Halapthorpe (nee Martinson), and I am sitting in the bleary headquarters of the NYC District Attorney's office (even Crime-TV couldn't have dreamed up the cinematically-appropriate blandness of this place) in the more or less decrepit neighborhood of lower Manhattan.
     I have led, until recently, what one might consider a reasonable life. This was in no small part due to the patina of success radiated by my union with my likeable stockbroker ex-husband; but I was likewise thought to be a respectable, relatively modest, well-intentioned, and happy individual. If I was considered to be a bit of an iconoclast by my fellow suburbanites in Eastern V., it was only in the creative sense, and of course, because I was originally from New "Yawk." I have not, to my knowledge, ever been considered desperate, unhappy, delusional, nor in any sense a victim. Now, I visit a distorted reality as I peer into the looking glass version of my once relatively happy and productive self.
     To understand events that led to this I had undergone a review of the previous days and months with the assistance of a therapist, probing my marriage and the subsequent weeks in which I left my home and family, only to fall into a torrid affair with Victor, the man who had so suddenly entered my life, and with whom I thought I had found the fulfillment of perfect love. But the exhumation of my past proved insufficient, despite the dogged assistance of my therapist. To get to the bottom of what was occurring between Victor and myself required a different approach, she suggested, a truly rigorous investigation of previous factors effecting my relationship with Victor. This exploration would include not just the periods encompassing my marriage and youth, but stretching back still further, to those times prior to my birth in this existence. She was talking about the lifetimes in which Victor and I first met, fell in love, and began to enact our karma together.
              In other words, it may not be a matter of who I am, but who I once was. 
     It was an unorthodox approach, she admitted. But she was game, if I was.

     In due time my therapist and I began to unearth the details of Victor's and my history together, in its every phase, of every lifetime, in all our varying incarnations together. The goal of this was to understand our relationship's place in this existence, and to determine if the karma between us was finished and thus we were meant to move on from each other, or if our union held the promise of a love that was the fulfillment of that rarest of phenomenons: True Love shared by reunited Twin Flames.
     But I shall get to the details of the regressions shortly. For now, it's best to start with how I got to where I am now.

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